Naked True about Investment in Forex

Is Forex trading Investing?


Oh man, who could say why the market is so blind. Why people are so blind and foolish still hanging on the spike of the 'forex' market? Isn't it obvious what a fool game it is??

Many investors are saying that Forex is a good investment strategy but only for those who know what they are doing. Well, I have my own meaning about those. Those who know what they are doing in Forex, should know that they are not investing but they are speculating. And of course there is a difference between speculation and investment. The difference is the same like the difference is between gambling and buying a cake for a birthday. 

That sounds strange, but the true often sounds a bit strange. Forex attracts huge amount of people over the world. And the most strange thing, that many of those people are smart enough to avoid such things. Well, another naked true is that smart people are losing money too, especially at investing. Any reasonable investor should avoid Forex market by far.

But it is not so easy to avoid it when you see the ads of Forex traders on every corner. Well, I mean corners of website about investments. If you try to make a little analysis, and visit main websites about investments and financial markets, you will see that most of those are placing ads that are promoting Forex trading. This is naked true too. You see, those website could promote normal investments like good index funds, stock trading platforms or some good bonds. But they don't. All of them are promoting mostly Forex trading. And it is not hard to predict why. They are promoting Forex investments because they pay the best money for those commercials. And why they can pay such money? 

They can pay the biggest money because they earn big money from people. If they earn those money, it means people (clients of brokerage firms) are loosing those money and the cash goes to the Forex trading companies. The key thing in here is that investors are losing money in Forex trading and firms have more money to promote their services for clients who will lose their money again. 

Don't Get Fooled by Forex!!

People, listen to me. Don't get fooled: financial markets are made in the way to make good profits. Good profits from you. You may read a lot of success stories about Forex traders but I'm pretty sure that most of those are part of a marketing to you believe in such possibilities. I know many people, who lost their money on Forex market, personally and I don't know anyone who made real money. 

It may be a short time of success but sooner or later you will going to lose. If you don't want to lose cash, don't have any business with Forex trading. System is working on you to make money from you. It is natural and you need to do is not get fooled. And any media will not help you with this because financial media is fed by Forex trading providers and media do not want to lose their income. It is natural. You have to think by your own...

Still, if you really are thinking that you you can do better than the rest of the wolrd. Then try it. There is no other choice.  But have your limit for loss (reasonable), and in no case ever breach this limit!

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